As an experienced owner and manager of real estate investments, DeSanto Realty Group is equipped to manage the entire life cycle of a real estate investment. Our firm specializes in 1031 Exchange and Tenant in Common (TIC) co-ownership of real estate transactions, assisting investors nationwide in the purchase of high quality, tax-advantaged properties.

Founder Louis DeSanto has more than 55 years of real estate experience and the company's CEO, son Gary DeSanto, has successfully led the firm into the TIC investment industry, where it has established itself as a leading sponsor. DeSanto Realty Group's expertise in residential, retail and office acquisitions aids in selection and facilitates financing opportunities, timely due diligence and management of first class properties. With TIC offerings in a number of states across the country, including Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kansas, Michigan and Ohio, DeSanto Realty Group is equipped to provide its clients with ample opportunity to expand their real estate portfolio.

In the ever-changing world of real estate, opportunity is a function of your capability to harvest value from your investments. DeSanto Realty Group aims to make opportunity tangible through quality TIC investments. We are proud of our expertise and capabilities in acquiring and managing those properties for the benefit of our associated investors.