Gary DeSanto joined DeSanto Realty Group in 1993, serving as Chief Executive Officer since 2000. When Mr. DeSanto first came aboard the family business, he initially took on management of the rental properties and development of a growth strategy. In 2002, Mr. DeSanto identified the enormous opportunity presented by Tenant-in-Common (TIC) transactions. He began using his real estate expertise to identify desirable properties that would make attractive opportunities for TIC investors. Under Mr. DeSantoís leadership, DRG expanded its management and finance infrastructure to maximize on the growing TIC industry, and today the company is widely regarded as a leader in the market.
download As a real estate expert, Mr. DeSanto has earned his share of accolades from those in touch with the industry. In 2007, The Philadelphia Business Journal recognized him as one of the Philadelphia regionís top young business leaders. The Journalís "40 Under 40" award profiles the region's top young professionals shaping the future of the business market, as well as influencing the Greater Philadelphia community. Mr. DeSanto was selected not only because of his success with DRG but also for his commitment to the community. He is also Vice Chair of A Better Philadelphia, a non-profit organization. Prior to leading DRG, Mr. DeSanto was a successful entrepreneur in the B2B services outsourcing industry and also served as a partner at Aston Financial, a residential mortgage brokerage firm.